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The Public Lighting Management Software

SGI is a system focused on the efficient management of public services. It can be used by local governments as well as by third parties with Public Lighting Management contracts or other services.

[:pb]Gestão em Tempo Real - O cadastramento dos pontos do Parque de Iluminação Pública é realizado 100% via Tablets, sem papel e sem retrabalho.[:]

Management in Real Time

Public Lighting Network assets are registered 100% on Tablets, making the process paperless and efficient.

[:pb]Telegestão - Dispositivos que permitem o monitoramento automático dos pontos de iluminação, utilizando-se de uma rede interligada e conectada ao sistema.[:]

Remote Monitoring

Devices that allow for the automatic monitoring of lighting assets, using an interconnected network linked to the system.

[:pb]Análise Precisa - Acompanhe todo o processo por meio de indicadores, gráficos e relatórios gerenciais.[:]

Detailed Analysis

Monitor the entire process using indicators, graphs and management reports.

Proven Efficiency

Our Clients who used to have another solution, noticed 50% decrease in the number of issues and a 30% increase in their teams productivity.

Reduction in thefts of materials.

Control of preliminary and subsequent procedures for higher quality.

Attendance of the teams by automatic checkpoints guaranteeing their presence in the place.

Precise tracking of materials and their warranties only by the software.

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It is the most complete IP management system. If the function is not already available they create it immediately! I can’t imagine myself without it. Innovation define Exati.

Moises Gonçalves JuniorMACEIÓ

Exati system, totally modern and technological, allowing its users total control over activities related to public lighting services, for example, maintenance, registering, inventory and modernization projects, and offering specific indicators and reports for each activity, ensuring your clients have specific diagnostics and immediate corrections.

Fernando Silveira de OliveiraSANTA CATARINA
[:pb]Cadastro Georreferenciado para Gestão de Iluminação Pública[:]

Georeferenced Record

All information is collected and automatically loaded into the system, ensuring precision and agility. The entire tablet system operates offline with maps available on the devices. This ensures agility and allows for operation even in areas without an internet connection.

Communication Channels

Greater service agility

An integrated communication system is extremely important for streamlining the service of reported occurrences. For this reason Exati Tecnologia offers two options: Cidade Iluminada and Call Center.

Bright City

Bright City is a service that allows the local residents to report problems through the internet, reducing Call Center costs. After submitting, the complaint is sent directly to the system and the resident receives a service reference number. It can be accessed online or download the app for Android or iOS platforms.

[:pb]Canais de Comunicação proporcionando mais agilidade no atendimento, como o serviço fornecido pela Cidade Iluminada.[:]
[:pb]Software para Gestão de Iluminação Pública com Call Center integrado.[:]

Call Center

Using this integrated communication system, the service call is immediately sent to teams in the field. This is an highly effective process thanks to the simplified interface of our management system, complete zip code and address database, location tag number search and map integration.

Field Operations

Team Productivity Control

With the optimized generation of Service Orders, is possible to filter occurrences by regions and direct them to the teams. All the pending occurrences and the services’ deadlines can be visualized in a panel. The Service Orders can be printed or sent directly to the Tablets, then the system generates the optimized route for all the service calls with minimal displacement.

With the service call registration in field, the complaints are received in real time. This guarantee the end of typing errors and the countless service calls to register.

[:pb]Operações em Campo - Total Controle da Produtividade de suas Equipes[:]

Tracking that Optimizes Time and Resources

An infinite amount of reports and efficiency index controls such as Percentage of Faulty Assets, On Time Service Calls, Costs of Materials Used, Occurrences by Region or Neighborhood, Recurring Service Calls and General Summary of the Asset Maintenance.

[:pb]Sistema para Gestão de Iluminação Pública - Monitoramento que Otimiza Tempo e Recursos[:]
[:pb]Controle de Estoque - Sistema fornece um controle eficiente.[:]

Inventory Control

Efficient stock control of:

  • Materials

  • Supplies

  • Tools

  • PPE

Multiplatform Systems

Solutions that allow access to various locations at high speed and performance.

Continuous Backup

High level and always present security, protecting all types of data.

100% Web Access

Remote access associated with significant time savings, quality and renowned ease.


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