The ideal software for city management​

Absolute control over all your management processes.

Everything in one place. Easy, fast and intuitive.


The best experience in the market​

Platform entirely designed for you: customized screens, offering the best in terms of user experience.

Bright cities.

Sustainability and energy efficiency.

Whether maintenance or modernization, have total control over the construction site and reduce your expenses by up to 28.5%.


Green areas and parks.

Planning is the solution.

The system notifies about the need for preventive maintenance, ensuring that trees and flowerbeds remain always green and healthy.


Optimized work.

Immediate diagnosis and repairs.

Optimize maintenance operations with pre-defined rounds, reducing work costs, urban inconvenience and the amount of requests.

Cleanliness and urban health.

Productivity and less time in the field.

Use route definition and discover exactly where and when garbage collection should occur. Monitor and add waste disposal points.


Watershed control.

Monitor the rivers and watersheds of your city.

Identify points of concern with data parameters and receive real-time assessments. You can closely follow the entire process until the issue is resolved.

IoT in Street Lighting.

Future technology, now.

Use connectivity to your advantage and take measurements, control light intensity, identify faults, and much more. All remotely.

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A busy routine can disrupt your management. That’s why it’s essential for you to have easy access to the system whenever and wherever you want, whether on your desktop, tablet, or even your smartphone.

“Our greatest gain was the ability to demonstrate the execution of services according to the quality standard, facilitating accountability with the contractor and building a bond of trust.”

Mickey H. Sigrist

Planning Analyst

Be an exatier.

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