Green spaces cared for and preserved.

Just like in public lighting, the registration of trees and other green areas in the city is carried out in a simplified manner.

Predictive and preventive maintenance.

With easy access, it is possible to determine and verify the dates for the execution of the next maintenance operations, such as controlled pruning, avoiding unexpected inconveniences.

Identification by QR Codes.

Use unique QR codes for each tree or green area. Easily scanable via smartphones, the codes carry important information for maintenance teams and local people alike.

Receive Tickets

Exati’s afforestation management platform has an app, website, call center interface, integrations with other systems and even other possibilities that can be explored to receive tickets from the population. Exati’s software doesn’t allow duplication of tickets, as it groups them when they go to the same address, so your field team works only what is necessary, never doing repeated work.


Register your Trees

With Exati’s system you can register your trees in a completely personalized way, choosing what information you want to gather in the field. Registration is done very easily in the field through an application provided by Exati. It is possible to georeference the tree, annotate information based on conditional values and take several photos to make the identification even more complete.

From seed to tree

In addition to registering your trees, it is possible to register flower beds, complete green areas, any item you wish to georeference to have control directly in the system.


Other features.

Online & Offline.

Registration with or without internet access


Check the operations carried out throughout the working day.


Receive calls opened by the population.


Have 100% digital management reports and graphs.