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Exati is the absolute leader among solutions for managing Brazilian public lighting with an optimized system for PPPs and the main market notices.
Software for street light management. Manage your Street light contracts
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Understand why Exati is the absolute market leader.

Manage contracts from start to finish.

Receive calls through the app, website, WhatsApp, Call Center, integration with the city hall service, personalized service and other channels.

— Arranged on a general control screen, requests are grouped by the system in order to avoid duplicate information, preventing teams from traveling more than once to points already attended to.


Operations Panel.

Simplify the operation and keep your database periodically updated through the georeferenced register.

Inventory management.

Know how much material has been used and how much is still in stock. If necessary, make a purchase request right away.

Centralized information.

Identify all requests, field teams and information about registered spots on the occurrences panel, avoiding duplicated entries.

Real-time reporting.

Request any report regarding management, materials, team productivity and fulfilled tasks.

Monitor your PPP closely.

Exati specializes in the PPP model, serving the most important partnerships in Brazil. Currently, we serve more than 18 contracts, of various specificities. All this to ensure more efficiency and peace of mind for your work.
Data visualization.

View information in graph format and customized performance indicators for each contract, following all protocols required by NBR 5101.

Service channels.

App Cidade Iluminada

Facilitate the connection between the city and citizens. More than 10,000 downloads.

Integraded call center

24-hour service with more than 20 attendants available to assist you in every process.


Receive tickets through integrations with other systems.

Remote Management

Receive automatic tickets through remote management and send them directly to the teams.

Manage work orders intelligently

Exati’s Street Lighting Management Software brings tools so you can send work orders to the field quickly and without fuss. Filters by region, district, asset characteristics and mor. View the assets to be fixed directly on the map to better understand your demand.


Amazing Reports

You will have simple and clear reports. You’ll also have complete and highly explanatory reports so you can see how your street lighting management operation is doing as clearly as possible.

Tickets monitor

Clear report that demonstrates in real time how many tickets you have open, how much of this demand is already in the field to be fixed, and several other very valuable information.

Installed Items

Can you find out today how much material you spent in the last month? With Exati’s software you’ll know how much you spent, where you spent it and why you spent it.

Real-time reporting.

Request any report regarding management, materials, team productivity and fulfilled tasks.

Street Light Registration

The georeferenced register is one of the main control points for street lighting management. Because once you have in your software all your assets in an organized way and with easy access, several decision making becomes much easier. It is possible for example:

  • Receive tickets through the asset identification, facilitating the process of finding the asset in the field fix it;
  • Plan more easily modernization or expansion projects;
  • Generate reports on how many lamps you have in your city or what types of lamps you have, as well as any combinations with any material registered in the street light assets;
  • Estimate the energy bill for comparison with the bill generated by the utility;