For smarter cities.

Street light remote control is an infrastructure developed based on a wireless communication network known as a Mesh network. This feature enables the implementation of various functionalities linked to IoT in cities.

More accessibility for the citizen.

Connected to the network, the installed spots act as routers, allowing citizens to connect and use the services provided directly on their mobile.

IoT and street lighting.

In addition to the functionalities provided by the IoT, the device also acts in the intelligent management of local public lighting — Coupled to the luminaires, the device remotely controls the assets and performs measurements later decoded by the software and stored in the device itself.

Billing Reports

Our solution can deliver as required by regulatory bodies and concessionaires

Practical billing

Use remote management as a measurement method

Real savings

Measurements with greater accuracy, pay the correct amount

Check out some possible measurements:

Active and Reactive Power

Current and Voltage


Power Outage Counter

Power Line Frequency

External Devices

Temperature Control

Operating cost reduction.

The technology incorporated into the public lighting park makes it possible to further optimize its management, always focusing on objectivity, productivity and cost reduction:

Fault identification.

Automatic and instant identification of faults or burnt out lamps in light poles.

Brightness control.

Dimming and lighting of luminaires in real time or with schedule programming.

Call automation.

Automatic sending calls to the maintenance team

Find out what we've been doing to keep the software safe from attack.


We use encryption and modern WI-FI network security keys like WPA2, the most secure in the world.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Allows only authorized devices to connect and transmit packets over the network. As a result, there is more security for the service user and devices.

Wi-Sun Protocol

More security, reliability and similar to protocols already used in the market.