Optimized cleaning and collection services.

The platform provides a complete module for georeferenced registration and remote monitoring of garbage dumps in public spaces.


Track tasks in real time.

View, in a practical way, all the information necessary for its management in the operations panel.


Check the team moviment from leaving the garages up to the location where the waste is finally disposed.


Define custom routes and add unload stops accordingly to the truck’s capacity.

Photographic records

Road sweeping service proven through photographic record and QR codes.


Street sweeping.

Forget about paper sheets. Check the sweeping services from your smartphone. Fast and without erasures. — With our system, it is much easier to enter basic and mandatory information, facilitating the monitoring of managers.

Start/end of working day by Qr code scanning.

Routing for sweeping and waste collection services.

Photographic record of completed activities.

Identify the areas served and plan strategies. Ensure the city is clean with efficiency and agility.

Device integration.

System integrated with more than 2,000 vehicle trackers and field team devices.

Know where employees are and what their daily activities are.

Check the fleet’s odometer and hourmeter.

Manage meeting deadlines.

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Complete reports.

Request any report regarding management, materials, team productivity, work performed, kilometers traveled and much more.