Driveways in perfect condition.

The software allows quick identification and recording of occurrences via smartphone through scheduled patrols as needed.

Detective and preventive maintenance.

Identify problems at an early stage, carry out necessary repairs, save resources and avoid inconvenience. — Absolute control over teams, equipment, machinery and inputs involved in operations.

Locate teams on the city map.

Check the condition of the vehicles.

Monitor the temperature of the asphalt mixture.


Process optimization.

Optimized displacement and maintenance actions based on the automatic definition of the routes to be taken. — Optimize the working time of teams and cause less disruption in urban areas.

More productivity in the Field.

Reduction in fuel consumption.

Zero waste of bituminous materials.

Pothole patching operations.

Exati’s system is also geared towards the maintenance of urban roads, especially pothole patching operations, facilitating the work of external teams in different aspects.— The software allows registering regions with the highest number of occurrences via geolocation and photographic registration.

Exact location of occurrences.

Reports and guidelines described in work orders.

Full control of materials.


Speed bump installation.

Using the software also facilitates the execution of more complex operations that require projects.

Avoid wasting inputs, reduce costs and time spent in the field.


Visualize on the interactive map the exact location of where the spine should be built.


Through service orders, guide the external teams in carrying out the service in the defined regions.


At the end of each activity, the teams register the service through a photo and filling out a form.


More control for your management and security guarantee for those who use the city’s driveways.

Asphalt mixture.

The asphalt mixture is ​​widely used in urban road resurfacing services. However, for it to be manageable, it needs to be at the correct temperature. — With Exati’s road maintenance management software, it is possible to monitor in real time the temperature of the asphalt mass through work orders, which provide access to information such as:

Amount of asphalt mixture on trucks.

Asphalt mass temperature and how long it takes to cool down.

How many occurrences can be answered.